20 Minute Thesis

20 Jul 2012

I’ll be presenting a 20 minute version of my thesis, “Democracy’s Boundary Problem”, this Wednesday 25 Jul @ 1pm, Miche Building level 5.

From the (yet to be abstracted abstract)

If the key question of normative democratic theory is how an association of people ought organise themselves politically, then it ignores the logically prior question of just who those people are.

This is not some esoteric splitting of hairs by political philosophers (well, not yet anyway). Who can vote largely determines the outcome of any vote; a problem unsolvable by democratic means unless we accept the infinite regress of who should vote on the issue of who should vote on the issue of who should vote….

So if you’ve got an hour to kill, come listen to a 20 minute outline of my research followed by some Q&A. Love to see you there!

Miche Level 5 1pm 25 Jul 2012 http://www.uq.edu.au/maps/?id=55